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  • 8th Grade Science Lab

    The eighth grade science lab today was testing thermal energy and is it transferred between objects by using temperature and hot and cold water. Nov. 28, 2023  

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  • Science Night

    SEAS held our first Science Night with a great turnout! Students got to stargaze, observe science experiments, and hold a baby alligator (whose mouth was securely¬†closed).¬† Thanks to Mrs. Sammaro, […]

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  • 7th Grade Science Lab

    The seventh grade is conducting an ongoing science lab experiment using an egg to represent the cell membrane and the cell wall. They are conducting several studies with vinegar in […]

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  • 8th Grade Mass, Velocity and Kinetic Energy

    The eighth grade is making a model using a skateboard, how constant kinetic energy changes velocity when mass changes. August 31, 2023  

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