Dear Parents,

I am looking forward to a fantastic year teaching your child to enjoy, appreciate, and create art.  Efforts will be made to correlate art lessons with the academic core curriculum.  We will look at and talk about major works/styles of art, as well as create our own masterpieces using the Elements of Art and Principles of Design.  We will study various artists, art styles and cultures from around the world.  

 ART CAN’T BE WRONG!!  My number one rule in art is there are no real mistakes.  The only mistake a student can make is not trying. If you do something you don’t like, make something new out of it.  NEVER QUIT.

 To provide the best possible learning environment for your budding artist, we will be developing our guidelines for behavior the first day of class.  This plan will give every student the opportunity to manage his or her own behavior and will be in effect always. 


  1. Follow directions the first time they are given.
  2. Take care of ALL art materials. 
  3. Use tools as demonstrated. Respect all property.
  4. Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself. 
  5. Stay in assigned seat or area unless given permission to do otherwise
  6. Work QUIETLY on projects — use time wisely.  Respect others always.
  7. ALWAYS clean up after yourself.

Grading will be based on participation, behavior, creativity (original and innovative ideas), work habits and growth.  

The only supplies your child will need for art will be a sketchbook. 

It is the student’s responsibility to put on a paint shirt (provided in my classroom) when art materials are being used. 

This year, again, your student’s artwork will be uploaded to Artsonia on a regular basis.  Artsonia is the World’s Largest Student Art Museum. It’s a free, safe, educational program designed to connect parents and families with their child’s creative activities at school. All uploaded artwork remains hidden until you give permission to show the artwork in the school public gallery. 

I hope you enjoy your child’s artwork.  Remember to ask appropriate questions when viewing his/her work (i.e. “Why did you choose those colors?   What did you learn from this?  What does it mean?”)  Encourage your child to talk about his/her work.

Never hesitate to contact me if you have questions (!


Phyllis Jenkins

Art Teacher



I am excited to be teaching computers and look forward to exploring the World Wide Web to enhance our educational experience as well as typing and other educational software and creating exciting projects. I am looking forward to another year of vast possibilities in the digital world.

Never hesitate to contact me if you have questions (!

Phyllis Jenkins


About Me

I have been fortunate and blessed to be teaching art here at SEASCS since the school opened 27 years ago. I am now teaching the children of my former students! Prior to that, I was a member of the SEASCS School Board helping to plan the opening of our school.  It has been wonderful to watch the school grow and mature throughout the years.  It has been more than a job; it has been a family to me too. When I am not teaching art or creating the church bulletin I can be found walking, bicycle riding, or at the beach.

I am a native (Italian!) New Yorker, having been born and raised in Brooklyn…many, many, years ago!  Brooklyn College is where my love of art began. Until then, art wasn’t a big part of my world in elementary school.  I love that our students are able to obtain a great background in art by the time they graduate here at SEASCS. After a brief, 10 year ‘stay’, in Staten Island, my family and I found ourselves in Palm Coast.  I have lived here for almost 30 years. My children are my life and my proudest accomplishment.  God has blessed me. They have all attended Catholic School their entire lives and my youngest is a proud SEASCS graduate, attending here from Pre-K 3 through 8th grade having graduated in 2008!  They all attended and graduated from Catholic High School, St. Joseph Academy, as well.  Catholic education is important to me. I also served on the PTO Board in different capacities for all of my son’s SEASCS years. Parental involvement is crucial in a Catholic School and I felt proud to help any way I could.

I love teaching your children about art and artists. I hold a Bachelor of Science degree and I have the best job ever.  It’s not just a job, it’s an adventure.  I am proud to be here at SEASCS.

P.S. I am out on extended sick leave having just had Spinal Fusion Surgery.  I am sending in lessons, doing grading and in constant contact with my sub. I am looking forward to getting back to school 🙂

Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic School