Vocab Test

HW: Write the definitions of the Unit 14 words.


Vocab Test


Grammar Test


HW: Research Daedalus and Icarus. Answer the following questions. 

  1. Who are they?
  2. Why are they associated with aviation?
  3. What happened to them?
  4. How are their stories reflected in the article, “To Fly” by Neil deGrasse Tyson


Unit Test


Write down all of your vocab words and their definitions for the upcoming vocabulary test


Vocab Test


Lesson 6.2: Parts of a Sentence (Ex. 1)


Vocab Test


Google classroom HW assignment


Vocab Test


Essay Test


Grammar and figurative language test.


Vocab Unit Test


HW Due Friday: Summarize the goals of the new laws in New York. Make sure you use two independent clauses, and two dependent clauses.


Selection test on reading

Revise the paragraph below. Make sure that the proper nouns and pronouns are capitalized correctly and that possessive pronouns are spelled correctly.

When barrington irving was a young man, no one encouraged him to pursue his dreams. In fact, he said, “everyone told me what i couldn’t do.” Irving started a nonprofit organization. It’s goal is to help kids achieve they’re dreams in science and aviation.


Vocab Quiz


Selection test on reading


Vocab Quiz


Lesson 4.3: Unity (Ex. 3), page 105 of the grammar textbook.

Select one event from the timeline on pages 196-197 and create a google slides project that includes at least five points about the event. Be sure to include a title slide and at least three pictures that add to your presentation. 


Write about your favorite Thanksgiving dish. Be sure to include a clear topic sentence that introduces the main idea. Then, provide sensory details (what the food tastes, looks, smells, and feels like) to give your readers the full picture. End your paragraph with a brief concluding sentence that sums up the main idea discussed.


Vocab and Grammar Test


The Franks, the Van Daans, and Mr. Drussel have been cut off from the outside world. While they know the year, they do not often hear news of the war. Research an event during WWII in the year 1944 to share with the class.


Lesson 3.8: Combining Sentences (Ex. 1) Q6-10


Vocab Quiz


Take this paragraph from the reading and rewrite it in modern English:

“Praised be Thou, oh Lord our God, Ruler of the universe, who has sanctified us with Thy commandments and bidden us kindle the Hanukkah lights. Praised be Thou, oh Lord our God, Ruler of the universe, who has wrought wondrous deliverances for our fathers in days of old.”


How did the Netherlands become part of World War II and the Holocuast? Answer in 3-5 sentences. How is this connected to the reading? Answer in 2-3 sentences.


Vocab Quiz


Grammar Textbook: Lesson 3.3, Exercise. 3, page 73, Writing Sentences.


Research an “everyday hero” from the Holocaust; in other words, an ordinary person who risked their life to save others. Write a brief summary of this person and what they did.


Vocab Quiz


Lesson 3.1 Varying Sentence Length (Ex. 1), page 66


Grammar Test


Vocab Quiz


Lesson 2.8 Ex. 3 Writing Reviews, page 52 of the Grammar Textbook

Using the mentor texts (Just be Yourself & You are the Electric Boogaloo stories) as inspiration, write a letter to your younger self in ¾ a page, in which you give your younger self advice on how to have handled a situation better. Address your younger self as “you” and include a greeting and a closing.


Page 54 of Grammar Textbook, Lesson 2.8 Figurative Language (exercise 2, #6-10)


Research and write at least ½ of a page (on a piece of paper) about another coming of age ritual in another Native American tribe. Include brief information about the tribe, a description of the ritual, and how it compares to the rituals we have read about in class.

Lesson 2.5 Wordy Sentences (exercise 3)


Vocab Quiz


Choose a family member to briefly interview. Ask them the following questions. As they respond, take notes.

  • Which family member/friend/colleague from an older generation has been a significant mentor in your life?
  •  Can you tell me about them? In which time period did they grow up? Where are they from? What is their culture?
  • How were they like a mentor to you?
  • What is one piece of advice you remember receiving from them?

Take these notes and write them out using full sentences on a piece of paper. Be prepared to share with the class on Monday.


Vocab Quiz


  • On a seperate piece of paper, answer the following questions upon completing online research (be sure to paraphrase the information and list the titles of the websites you used at the end):
  • Which Native American medicines have proven medicinal properties?
  • What are these medicinal properties?
  • Are any of these medicines used today in mainstream medicine?
  • Be prepared to share your findings with the class on Monday.

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